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HEEHRA Rebate Program Heat Pump

With the passing of the recent Inflation Reduction Act, there are elements of the bill that directly impact purchases of energy efficient appliances, including heat pumps.  The High Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Act (HEEHRA) provides rebates specifically for efficient home appliances.  According to CBS News, “This provides rebates for low- and middle-income families to electrify their homes, such as by installing heat pumps or electric clothes dryers. The per household rebate is capped at $14,000, and households can’t receive two rebates for the same upgrade. For instance, if they claim a HOMES Rebate program for a heat pump, they can’t also get a rebate through the HEEHRA.”

Air-Source heat pumps including mini-split heat and air units are up to $8000 off with your rebate.  Even more impressive is the fact that these rebates are expected to be instant rebates, not ones that you have to file on your taxes a the end of the year to receive.

Examples of IRA Funded Rebates: Home Energy Efficiency & Electrification:

  • Provides funding through State Energy Offices and Tribes for rebates for electric appliances
  • Rebates are 50% or 100% of project cost, up to measure-specific caps.
Home Improvement Rebate
Air-Source Heat Pump $8,000
Heat Pump Water Heater $1,750
Electric Stove $840
Electric Clothes Dryer $840
Upgraded Breaker Box $4,000
Upgraded Electrical Wiring $2,500
Insulation, Ventilation, & Sealing $1,600

So, what does that mean to you?  Currently most states are still working through the details of how to implement the rebates.  The state of California is in the process of creating a path to rebates.  Most rebates will be available in early to mid-2023.  There are household income levels that will be taken into account when determining if you qualify for 100% or 50% of the rebate.

If you have a furnace that is no longer functioning at peek performance and you notice that your energy bill continues to rise, this may be the perfect time to take advantage of these rebates and upgrade to an energy efficient system.

Stay tuned to CA legislature for more information or give us a call in 2023 to find out your options.