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During This Abnormally Hot Weather, Bob’s Air Repair offers Financing for your Summertime Air Conditioning Repair and Installation Needs.

This is the time of year where we all need functional and reliable air conditioning.  With temperatures now regularly hitting the 100’s, it’s not only about comfort, but about safety as well.

From USA Today:

“A long-lasting heat wave continues to bring triple-digit temperatures Thursday, raising concerns that such extreme weather could become the new normal in the Western U.S.

The National Weather Service, the U.S. government agency that provides weather forecasts and severe weather warnings, announced Wednesday that more than 40 million people in the Western region are under a heat advisory or excessive heat warning. At least 11 states reported triple-digit temperatures, AccuWeather confirmed.

But the persistent heat wave felt across the West isn’t going away anytime soon.”

No one wants to get stuck in these kinds of temperatures with a non-functional or sporadically working air conditioner which is why Bob’s Air Repair offers financing to help service or install new HVAC systems. Many families may wait to tackle a broken AC if they are on a fixed budget or don’t have a budget set aside for this purpose however, now isn’t the time to wait.

This is especially true for those who are elderly or have health risks.  The additional risks of not having a properly working Air Conditioning system can be detrimental to health and safety.  Here are some of the warning signs your AC unit needs to be serviced or replaced as soon as possible:

Sporadic Cold Air

This is when your AC is on but only occasionally blows cool air and thus never gets down to the desired temperature.  There are multiple problems with this scenario.  Firstly, you’re not getting down to a safe temperature.  Keep in mind, that the temperature is only being measured at the thermostat meaning it may be much hotter in certain rooms of the house.  Also, because the system is now having to run at 100% uptime never reaching the desired temperature, the system is taxed to the extreme at all times which will further wear out the components of the system. This could be an issue with clogged ducts, a malfunctioning blower, or a malfunctioning AC unit.

No Cold Air

This is when your blower fan is going (and you can even feel air coming from the vents) however no actual cold air is being pushed.  In other words, it sounds like the system is working fine, however you’re not feeling any cold air. This could be an issue with your thermostat or AC unit.

No System Functionality at All

This is when you set your thermostat and nothing happens.  No cold air is pushed through your vents and ducts, the blower doesn’t come on and no cold air can be felt.  This could be an issue with just about any component of your HVAC system.

The Bottom Line is This: Don’t Wait!

Your safety is too important to procrastinate on something so critical. Regardless of what the issue may be, Bob’s Air Repair has you covered and with our financing options, we can get your repair or installation scheduled and have you back up in running as soon as possible.

Give us a call today or visit our Financing Portal to get started.