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We’re having epic weather around the country and in Chico, rain and wind is pelting our neighborhoods.  You may wonder, will heavy rain and wind damage my heating and cooling system?  And if so, what can be done to prevent damage?

Your outdoor A/C or mini split unit includes the compressor and condenser coil.  While these units are meant to withstand all forms of weather from snow to heat, excessive rain and ice can do some damage over time from exposure to these types of excessive weather events.

Your outdoor HVAC equipment should be on level ground.  Too much rain can cause ground erosion and force the unit to shift making it unlevel, then the compressor unit can falter.  One way to check for this, is to see if the unit is still level and, in the case of an outdoor unit running a heat pump such as in a mini split scenario, check for ‘wobble’.  If you shifting or unusual movement due to standard fan operation, you may need to call Bob’s Air Repair to come out and have a look.

Excessive debris can also be an issue.  Heavy rain often brings heavy wind and with it, whatever debris is in the neighborhood.  After storms, check the unit to make sure that there are no branches or trash lodged within the blades and that the unit is clear of debris from both front and back.

Standing water can also be a major issue.  If you’re expecting excess water due to rain or a leak, make sure that there is a way for the water to drain.  Flooding of the outdoor unit can cause major damage to the compressor.

Finally, while it may seem like a good idea to cover the unit during large storms, never attached a plastic bag or tarp.  Doing so, traps moisture inside which can lead to mold build up and rusting.

If you are concerned about the functionality of your heating and cooling system, give us a call!  Our licensed HVAC technicians are here to help.