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Introducing Aeroseal – The HVAC Duct Sealing System That Measures and Seals Cracks and Breaks!

At Bob’s Air Repair, we are proud to be an Aeroseal certified installation partner.

So, what exactly is Aeroseal duct sealing technology and why is it such an effective process for sealing the duct work in your home? We are glad you asked!

Put simply, the Aeroseal duct sealing process helps find and seal leaks in your duct work that would otherwise be difficult to find or fix.  By first implementing a self-containing environment, your ducting can be tested for exact air loss/pressure and then sealed by introducing a water-based formula that then seals hard-to-reach (or flat out impossible) to get to breaks and leaks in the system.

This process is incredibly effective for sealing your duct work and best of all, does not require intrusive cuts or demolition and repair of your hidden duct work within walls and ceilings.  Often times, breaks in ducting that is deep within your walls are essentially impossible to access without major construction to those areas.  The Aeroseal process finds and even fixes those gaps.

The philosophy behind the Aeroseal system is simple: finding every small leak in a larger system by examination alone can be time consuming and costly.  Plus, there’s a chance that the smallest of leaks can get overlooked. For example, if you’ve ever used a product like Fix-a-Flat to repair a slow leaking tire, or added a radiator sealant in your vehicle’s coolant system, it’s not dissimilar to that.  Essentially, it can bring your duct work back to a much newer and better functioning state without the costly option of replacing your ducting or opening walls to find and fix leaks.

How much better will the Aeroseal system make your ducting? Measurably better.

Another great aspect to this technology is that by the end of the process, you will have statistical analysis of the before and after results.

The first general step to the sealing process begins by having our certified Aeroseal technicians implement a system of self-containment within your ducts.  By sealing off your furnace and forced air system, we can isolate the duct work itself.  This allows us to accurately measure just how much air you are losing through your duct work by constantly monitoring the air pressure of the system.  After the system is completely self-contained and during the active monitoring process, the Aeroseal solution is then introduced into the ducts.  This formula then creates air-tight bonds between individual ducting runs and fills breaks and cracks within the ducting as well.

After the sealing process is complete, our technicians can actually show you the difference in your system’s air pressure both before the sealing started, and after.  This presents a unique opportunity to see the difference for yourself.

With all of the poor-air quality issues that have been plaguing our area on and off this year, there’s never been a better time to ensure the ducting in your HVAC system is leak-free as possible. Not only do leaks in your ducting mean a loss of energy efficiency in your home and less air pressure at your vents, it also means more contaminants circulating throughout your home as well.  A leaky duct will draw air from outside, where the air is unfiltered or air from your attic or crawlspace.  Trust us when we tell you that you do not want to be pulling in unfiltered air from your crawlspace….

At Bob’s Air Repair, we are the Aeroseal experts.  Give us a call today and we can get you scheduled.  Everyone needs clean and functional ducting, so if you don’t remember the last time your duct work was cleaned or sealed, don’t wait a day longer.  We are here to help.