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The Advantages of a Professionally Installed Mini-Split HVAC System

Mini Split HVAC systems are a great way to add heating and air conditioning to a home or business that already has a primary HVAC system in place including newly renovated rooms or a refinished garage. By not having to tie this system into your existing HVAC system, you can achieve a more flexible and cost-effective solution. By offering an electric alternative and smaller overall system options, we can expect to see more of these in businesses and homes in the coming years.

1) Individual Room Climate Control
A big advantage of a ductless system is that you will be able to control the climate within your home or office space on a room to room basis. You may want to cool down or heat up specific areas in your home, rather than run the entire HVAC system in all rooms at once as would be the case with a standard ducted system.

2.) Low noise
If you are trying to heat or cool an area that is in a bedroom, it is possible to adjust the fan speed for these rooms to a nearly imperceptible level. This is great for light sleepers as you don’t get the initial ‘woosh’ of forced air through a vent throughout the night.

3.) Energy Efficiency
By utilizing an all-electric design, mini splits are incredibly energy-efficient. This really comes into play when trying to heat a garage or shed. Believe it or not, when you compare a mini split system consisting of a single wall unit and compressor, it is far less costly than running a simple space heater (and of course works much better as well). So for anyone that works with tools in a garage on home improvement projects year-round, it’s a great way to keep warm in the winter months or cool in the summer months.

4.) Flexibility
Another reason for wanting a ductless system is because of the flexibility of installation. A fully ducted new system can take quite a bit of planning and engineering for proper placement however, planning out where a mini split system is needed consists of choosing an appropriate wall space and a potential short run to an outside compressor. Also, a mini split wall unit can be moved later on if necessary since it doesn’t require a potentially lengthy in-wall ducting run to a central blower motor/furnace. Of course the unit needs to be reconnected to the compressor so it isn’t exactly a ‘plug and play’ situation, but it’s much more realistic if you plan on further renovations in the somewhat near future. You can move them where you want within your home, rather than having to work with ductwork placement. This makes them perfect for new construction as well as remodeling where new ductwork just isn’t possible or feasible.

5. ) Maintenance
Servicing mini split systems can be a very straightforward process. The filters are easy to address as many of them have cleanable/washable filters as opposed to direct replacement filters. Cleaning a mini split filter can take only a minute or two and doesn’t cost anything.

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