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The Change of Seasons Is upon Us, Is Your Hvac System and Ducting Ready?

The change of seasons is upon us, is your HVAC system and ducting ready?

The nights are getting colder, down into the 40s, is your heater ready?  It’s that transition time of year when the days are still nice but the nights are getting noticeably colder.  Often times in these cases, you can leave your HVAC system off and the moderate days/colder nights may balance themselves out in terms of temperature in your home.  However, with the air quality dipping into the ‘moderately unsafe’ category due to the area’s lingering poor air quality, it’s best to keep the system going, even if the temperature settings are very slight.

Although we’ve had some better days in terms of measurable air quality, the ongoing California fires and after-effects of previous fires are still a major risk to health and safety.  With a host of ‘moderately unsafe’ days ahead (you can check the air quality schedule here), it’s a great time to have your ducting sealed and filters changed.

With poor air quality in mind, duct sealing is an incredibly important step in the maintenance and uninterrupted use of your HVAC system/air conditioning unit. Every small break or leak in your ducting, means your system is pulling in air that bypasses your primary filtration system.  This means you’re pumping particle-laden air directly into your system.  This is bad for a couple of reasons:

  • Number one: it puts unnecessary strain on your HVAC system which can lead to it needing to be repaired. One of the primary reasons your air conditioning unit/heater requires a filter is to clean the air prior to being processed by the system.  By avoiding that initial round of filtration, your HVAC system has to work harder to heat/cool the air and send it back through your home.
  • Number two: It’s unhealthy to breathe! The other primary reason your HVAC system uses filtration, is so the forced air doesn’t contain contaminants when making its way through your home. Everyone has seen a very dirty HVAC filter at some point, now imaging that circulating through your home and into your lungs. You wouldn’t want to breathe the air coming from an overly dirty filter but that is exactly what ends up happening if your ducting is leaky and pulling in unfiltered air whether from the intake side (before it hits the system) or after (while it is being pushed into your home through your vents).

It is incredibly important to ensure your ducts are sealed and that is something we specialize in.  Give us a call and we can run a test and perform an inspection to determine if your ducts are not sealed properly or are leaking.

On top of sealing your ducts, we can also clean them as well ensuring the best quality air is circulating through your system at all times and is free of contaminants.

From large homes to small homes, ducting is a critical part of the health of your family and the longevity of your HVAC system.  Don’t let it go unattended!